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Managed Supply Solutions

Advantiv Procurement Solutions provide clients with two options for vendor and cost reduction management by the means of managed supply services. Our solutions are designed around client needs identified from completion of our free Procurement Healthcheck process and result in both short and long term vendor management contracts.

Supply Chain Solution – Option 1

The client retains the direct access to the supply base as well as enjoying the benefits provided by inheriting supply chain routes to Advantiv’s extensive vendor list. Advantiv Procurement Solutions identify alternative suppliers offering competitive advantage and negotiate improved terms and conditions with existing vendors to ensure that maximum benefit is seen from the supply chain. Throughout our programme, we work as your business partner making recommendations for approval, supporting the implementation and establishing the ongoing relationship with the vendor.

Advantiv Procurement Solutions share the cost savings achieved on an ongoing basis over a contacted 12 month period, thereby ensuring that our work is self-funding, after which the client is welcome to take up further options on our consultancy services or use our methodology to pursue further benefits themselves.

Supply Chain Solution – Option 2

This option offers the client the same process as Supply Chain Solution, Option 1 but is managed over a longer roll out period of 3 – 5 years. Advantiv Procurement Solutions work closely with clients and suppliers in formulating Service Level Agreements and longer term pricing policies. Advantiv retain a share of any cost savings achieved, however the proportion of this share is reduced based on the roll out contract term.

Our work is clearly scoped and agreed in a formal contract, thus ensuring clarity of our processes and also full confidentiality of your business information.